Work linked here is from courses offered in areas of motion graphics and animation within the graphic design and studio arts majors. The work represents not only foundational experience, but an attempt to create work that can exist outside the classroom setting. Many projects linked on this page have been submitted and accepted to design, film, and animation festivals or other peer-reviewed exhibitions.



Bonaspeck Title Sequence, Motion Graphics, Tom Bates & Taylor Kiehl, Spring 2018, 1 min

What Inspires You?, Motion Graphics, Fall 2013, :54

Michael Mazourek, Bridgette Nelson, Nick Olafson, Jaylynn Martinez


What is L.A.? Motion Graphics, Levi James, Jena Kloos, Nick Goswick, Amy Haggenson, Fall 2014, :45.

Produced for the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 2015 conference.


LA in 1: Frederick Law Olmstead, Motion Graphics, Fall 2016, 1:00

A crash-course on the father of landscape architecture. Dan Pettit, Asia Lores, Rachael Dalland


Bonaspeck Title Sequence, Motion Graphics, Erin Drew, Fall 2016, :23


Think Think Title Sequence, Motion Graphics, Becca Holmquist, Fall 2016, :22


What If I Told You?, Motion Graphics, Fall 2015, :43

Leslie Cope, Trevor Bungarden, Shealynn Burcham, Kendra Cersocimo


What Brings Designers Together?, Motion Graphics, Fall 2015, 1:05

John Hanusa, Jordan Hanson, Macy Halbur, Amy Hagen.


The Milking Cows, Title Sequence Emulation, Motion Graphics, Levi James, Fall 2014,:20



Viscid, Intermediate Animation, Riley Walz, Spring 2017, 1:30

In an ink-world, an ambivalent apothecary reaps what he sows.


Grackle’s Grove, Intermediate Animation, Allison Pisha, Spring 2015, 2:22

This short animated film is about memory and place.


The Little Snowboarder (clip), Intermediate Animation, George Ruiz, Spring 2015, 1:00

A snowboarder and his epic adventure on the mountain. Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop


Pieces, Intermediate Animation, Foster Green, Spring 2015, 1:24

Darkly-penned prose animation emulating direct animation.


Trembling Dream, Intermediate Animation, Akasha Winker, Spring 2015 1:41

This 16mm camera-less animation explores foundations of color, composition, media, and music.


King, Drawing I, Class Collaboration, Fall 2017 1:00

Once on top, but not forever. An experimental approach to 360-degree observational "speed" drawing.


5-Second Animations, Animation Foundations II, Jenna Hildahl, Fall 2016, :30

Prompts included words, phrases and audio cues